“CHILD Trafficked Survivor’s Story ”
Ms. Tina (name changed) grew up in a family where her mother is the sole income earner of the family due to my father’s sudden bed ridden sickness for prolonged years. They were torn apart by poverty, hardly during those times her mother could earn only Rs. 80/- per day by selling corns in the streets of Kokrajhar town. The money she earned was not sufficient for them to fill stomach, pay school fee and pay father’s medicine bills. Looking at the family’s awful situation, two of her classmates lured Ms. Tina and forced to work as a commercial child sex worker. Ms. Tina narrated “Elder men started sexually abusing, raped me when I was only 13 years old. I was indoctrinated to a way of life and I was brainwashed. I was emotionally, mentally and physically broken; my movements were restricted by the pimps who controlled me. Men were physically abusive with me; I was suffocated, physically assaulted, abandoned, strangled, starved, injected drugs and hit many times”.“Now I fully regret and realize that my childhood was not a childhood, I missed the joy of being a child. My self esteem was so low that intimate relationships and friendships were difficult; I could not trust anyone until I found NEDAN Foundation two years back”. With the help of NEDAN, I have recovered thousands of abusive memories and I am no longer a prisoner to my life. I narrate my story because I have healed from my traumatic incident of child abuse and sex trafficking; I narrate my story because I want everyone to understand and be aware that child abuse and sex trafficking is real and I am one of the witness”.  
Minor girl hailing from Internally Displaced Location being prevented from child marriage
Ms. Meena (name changed), 13 years old from one of the remotest area of Kokrajhar district,BTC-Assam,India is being rescued and further prevented from child marriage. One of the empowered child rights activist from NEDAN's adolescents club took the bold step and hence immediately reported the matter to NEDAN Foundation. The team members of NEDAN rushed to the remote area all the way from Kokrajhar and stopped the marriage and took undertakings from the girl’s guardians that they would desist from the child marriage move.  
Minor Trafficked from Kokrajhar, Assam, India to Saudi Arabia Repatriated
On 15th Nov 2013...... 

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About Nedan Foundation

The mission of NEDAN FOUNDATION is to promote sustainable development in the North Eastern States of India. Its main objectives are to innovate and disseminate the means for creating sustainable livelihoods on a large scale, and thus to mobilise widespread action to eradicate poverty and regenerate the environment. The Foundations strategy is to:

  1. innovate and design livelihood strategies
  2. Protecting human rights violation in the region
  3. Building peace amongst the ethnic community
  4. scalability, through partner organizations and networks




Document Actions
"Providing supplementary coaching classes at the Internally Displaced areas"
NEDAN Foundation has provided supplementary coaching classes for the 200 plus HSLC candidates. The Supplementary coaching classes has been started from the month of October -2015 to till February 2016 at the 5 areas in order to prevent the students from dropping out and clearing their HSLC exams. The 5 centers are established at under Kochugaon, New Bashbari, Shymsingkela Murabari, Saralpara and Destination Girls’ Home Anthaigwlao, Kokrajhar. Three subjects Mathematics, English and Science were taught by the external tutors hired for five different locations. In supplementary coaching classes the Library boxes, Text books, Model Questions, Suggestion Books, pens etc needed materials were provided to five different locations.  
"Promoting Higher Education by ending the vicious cycle of violence"
Countless children are been exploited, trafficked, molested, abducted and neglected, these issues happened just because of conflict hits at BTC. As countless children are remained such as socially excluded, illiterate and excluded from their own rights, here NEDAN foundation are taking initiatives to empower and letting children to move out from risks zone. NEDAN work with local communities for the development of children to improve their access to education, child rights, health and protection need in emergencies and post conflict. NEDAN supported and re-enrolled 84 girls to various educational institutes within Kokrajhar district of Assam belonging from low financial background and also those were trafficked survivors, likely to be trafficked and dropped out from schools and colleges. The girls were provided with admission fee, year round exam fee, text books, uniforms and other study materials. The initiative of promoting higher education for highly potential vulnerable girls, rescued trafficked survivors and returnee girls from the source districts of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) has not only provided Education Avenue but also made collectivization of voices for their rights. 
“Children Study Hall Cum Digital Library”foundation stone being laid on occasion of Assam State Child Protection Day-4th March, 2016
NEDAN Foundation is known as an Institute for Protecting Children from different situation such as abuse, trafficking, molestation, neglect and from any fearing situation. Since 2004 NEDAN has been serving/ working with “CHILD” in Kokrajhar District also now it has become a calendar for NEDAN Foundation that 04th, March, 2016 also known Sate Child Protection Day to observe along with Children participation from various location/ intervention also visualizing their issues and to felicitate them to become a good child for Nation. Keeping this special day for the children along with that NEDAN had also started laying the foundation stone for “Children Study Hall Cum Digital Library” with the presence of Deputy Commissioner in order to reach out all deprived children living with riot and conflicts. This initiative will provide better learning and study model to the children who are at various hardships such as trauma, fear, distress and various disorders. 
Inauguration of Digital Study Center
On 29th July, 2016, NEDAN Foundation will be inaugurating the Digital Study Center for the inmates of NEDAN's Destination Girls Home. This initiative will provide better digital learning and study model to the children who are at various hardships such as trauma, fear, distress and various disorders.  
#Every8minutes national campaign to mark World Day Against Trafficking in Person on 30th July,2016
#Every8minutes national campaign to mark World Day Against Trafficking in Person on 30th July,2016 
International Day of the Girl Child
On December 19, 2011, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 to declare 11 October as the International Day of the Girl Child, to recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world. NEDAN Foundation has been celebrating the auspicious event every year, this year- 11th October, 2015 NEDAN would be celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child with the theme “Collectivization of voices and ending the vicious cycle of violence against girl child”. There will be 1000 girls participating in the event at the NEDAN Foundation campus. 
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