History of Weaving Destination
Weaving Destination (WD), a weaving production unit, has been started as social enterprise in the Bodoland Territorial Council in the State of Assam, North East, India, which is a post-conflict area as well as prone to flooding. WD has been set up by involving vulnerable indigenous women including women living with HIV, survivors of human trafficking and female migrant returnees who are highly vulnerable to re-trafficking, social exclusion and impoverishment. WD capitalizes and enhances the inherent inborn skill of Bodo women in weaving, and is committed to convert traditional weaving skills into income-earning opportunity for women and girls.
Weaving Destination produces hand-woven silk and cotton products using traditional patterns. They include silk scarves, runners, handy crafts, cotton fabrics and garments for individual and industrial use. Additionally, Weaving Destination, using the profits from the sale of their products, plans to operate a vocational training centre for vulnerable indigenous young girls who are highly prone to trafficking.
Started in 2008, Weaving Destination is one of the initiatives of NEDAN FOUNDATION in collaboration with UNDP’s Women and Wealth Project designed for the socio economic empowerment of women living with and affected by HIV and trafficking in South Asia. WD currently employs 43 women and girls for weaving, stitching as well as tailoring and aims to establish itself within national and international markets for their weaved patterns and various products. Weaving Destination’s business unit, while preserving the traditional Bodo motifs, colours and weaving techniques, is attempting to design products to suit the local, national and international market.